Emily Post on how to avoid the #Emily post op

Emily Post, the CEO of Instagram, has announced a series of changes to its advertising policy that will see the brand change its approach to social sharing.

“We are a company that loves our users and wants to make sure they have the best experience possible.

This is a time of change for us, we want to be transparent and share more information to make this happen,” Post wrote on Instagram.

“For the past few months we have been working to develop a new approach to advertising on Instagram, where we’ll make decisions based on the way we see the user.

This means we’ll be sharing more information, making better decisions and more transparently.”

In a blog post, Post wrote that Instagram is committed to making changes to the way the brand communicates its brand messages, as well as to improving transparency with advertisers.

“This is a long-term commitment, but it is a priority for us,” Post said.

“The changes we are announcing today are part of our plan to create an even more authentic and compelling Instagram experience.”

Post has previously said she wants Instagram to become a platform for people to share their stories and share content in ways that are less about “creating a personalised experience” and more about giving people a “personal connection”.

The change comes after Instagram’s chief executive, Kevin Systrom, wrote a post in August about the company’s approach to ad targeting, stating: “We are focused on creating an experience that makes the most of Instagram as a platform.”

“We believe in an approach that is as real and authentic as possible, so we’ve spent the last year improving the way that we work with advertisers to find the right match,” Systrom wrote.

“With these changes, we’ll continue to build on our commitment to creating an authentic experience for our users, and will be even more transparent with our advertising partners about the way in which we reach out to them.”

As well as the new approach, Instagram has also said it will “double down” on targeting users based on their interests and interests in Instagram and other content.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Instagram said: “As we continue to learn more about how we interact with advertisers, we’re excited to share more details about what we’ve been working on.”

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