How to make your own facebook post funny

How to write funny Facebook posts article How do you write funny, funny, cool Facebook posts?

You can’t.

In fact, there’s no such thing as a funny Facebook post, and you can’t even make a funny one.

So, how do you make a nice, funny Facebook page that makes you feel good?

You need to have a fun, fun, funny blog.

It’s time to start writing the posts that will make you feel better about life.

Here are 10 simple tips that will help you write the posts you want to see.1.

Write a funny story.

In the end, you are the writer.

And you don’t have to write a story that makes your life better.

But you should write one that you like.

And this means you should try to write the stories that are funny.2.

Think of a funny subject.

Try to write about a subject that makes the reader feel good.

For example, you should consider the topic of why people get so excited about Facebook.3.

Make a funny picture.

It doesn’t have anything to do with your page.

But if it is a picture that makes people laugh, write a funny caption about it.4.

Make the page funny.

If you want a laugh, you have to make it funny.

This is a great opportunity to put some creativity in your writing.

So put some pictures on your Facebook page.

You can do it yourself by using a drawing or a cartoon.5.

Make your friends laugh.

People love to read funny posts on Facebook.

So do a few things to make them laugh.

For instance, make sure that you have a nice photo of your friends on your page and add some pictures of them with the caption “Happy Birthday”.6.

Make people laugh.

There’s no need to write an article about Facebook posts.

People are already laughing at you and you are not trying to make yourself look bad.

However, if you can make people laugh on your own, you will have a funny page.

And if you want people to share your page, that’s even better.

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