Washington Post says it will pay $250 million to settle federal civil rights lawsuit against city

The Washington Post has settled a federal civil lawsuit against it over its coverage of the fatal police shooting of a black man in Denver, officials said Thursday.

The newspaper had sought $250,000 in damages for defamation.

The settlement includes an acknowledgment that a “significant portion” of the story had been fabricated, said John Ralston, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Robert Capers.

“We acknowledge that some readers may have perceived that our reporting was based on fabricated information,” Ralstone said.

The city and the newspaper agreed to a number of changes to the settlement.

The paper said it would no longer use images of dead men and would stop using a logo depicting a man with a gun, and would change the title of its story from “How Denver Was Defamed” to “How I Was Defame.”

The paper has also said it will not publish any photos of the police officers involved in the incident, and that it will publish the full body camera video of the shooting.

The Denver Post is owned by The Post Company, which is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Co., Disney’s parent company.

The Post has faced intense criticism in recent years for its coverage and coverage of Trump and other Republicans.

It has been accused of not taking enough action against police brutality and racist behavior by its reporters, including the use of photos of dead people and the use by some journalists of the bodies of people who died as a result of police actions.

It also has faced allegations of political bias in covering the presidential election.

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