How to watch the sunrise from your home base

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful sunrise in your backyard.

If you’re like us, you can’t help but be mesmerized by it as it rises over the horizon and leaves you breathless.

But what if you don’t have a home base to start your morning routine?

Luckily, there are a few places in your city that offer great access to the sunrise.

There are also many places in the United States where sunrise viewing is not restricted.

If there are any areas where you want to be able to see the sunrise in person, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get started.1.

Sunset viewing sites at the beach in San Francisco.2.

Sunset view at the Great Wall of China in Beijing.3.

Sunset in New York City, by the New York State Department of Transportation.4.

Sunset at sunset in New Mexico, by Joshua Hill.5.

Sunset, sunset, sunset in Los Angeles, by Google Street View.6.

Sunset near the Statue of Liberty in Washington, D.C., by Google Earth.7.

Sunset sunset over Long Beach, California, by Gogglebox.8.

Sunset Sunset at Lake Tahoe, by NOAA.9.

Sunset over Lake Tahoes, by NASA.10.

Sunset from the top of Mount Wilson in Oregon, by Bill Mitchell.11.

Sunset on a mountain, by Chris Pinto.12.

Sunset by a mountain in Wyoming, by Steve Davis.13.

Sunset with the Milky Way in the background, by Ryan Macdonald.14.

Sunset sky, by Robert Cocks.15.

Sunset sunrise, by Paul Anderson.16.

Sunset shot from the roof of a house in Sydney, Australia, by Andrew Stelter.17.

Sunset behind the glass at the New Yorker Museum, by John Henson.18.

Sunset for an early morning meal in Paris, by Pierre-Jean Sallot.19.

Sunset after sunset, by a sunset view in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by Alastair Gray.20.

Sunset Sunrise in Sydney Harbour, by James Moore.21.

Sunset of a sunset, from the coast of the Bahamas, by Nick Nelms.22.

Sunset through the streets of Melbourne, Australia by Steve Stearns.23.

Sunset during the sunset in Paris by Jacques-Alexandre Leloup.24.

Sunset outside in the night, by Mark Wootton.25.

Sunset across the street from the Golden Gate Bridge, by Andy Crampton.26.

Sunset overlooking a sunset in the mountains of New Zealand, by Matthew Haug.27.

Sunset skies over a city in China, by Daniel O’Keefe.28.

Sunset taken in the Alps by a sunbather, by Thomas W. Moore.29.

Sunset viewed from a rooftop, by Kevin S. Lee.30.

Sunset beach in Venice, Italy, by Mario Mazzolatti.31.

Sunset to the east of San Francisco, by Dan H. Brown.32.

Sunset horizon from a window overlooking the Golden State, by Tom Kloza.33.

Sunset seen from the ground, by David B. Leitch.34.

Sunset as the moon passes overhead, by Joe C. Anderson.35.

Sunset peak over the Pacific Ocean, by Bob M. Gebhart.36.

Sunset just before sunset, on the coast in New Zealand by Mike Tompkins.37.

Sunset sunrise over a mountain lake in Hawaii, by Jeff Vlacich.38.

Sunset night, sunset sky over the San Francisco Bay Area, by Brian D. Wilson.39.

Sunset overhead in London, England, by Peter Schoelzer.40.

Sunset mountain sunrise over the Alps, by Ben O. Smith.41.

Sunset above the Golden Temple, by Stephen J. Cockerill.42.

Sunset evening over a skyscraper, by William L. Clements.43.

Sunset below the Pacific, by Michael B. Poulin.44.

Sunset high over the Golden Circle, by Mike O. Riesling.45.

Sunset rising over the mountains, by Patrick O’Leary.46.

Sunset atop a cliff, by Sean O’Sullivan.47.

Sunset and a cloud over a house, by Christopher H. Fossey.48.

Sunset under the Milky God, by Anthony E. Williams.49.

Sunset views of Los Angeles by Tom R. Brown and Mark H. Tompkin.50.

Sunset peaks over the ocean, by Ken Hwang.51.

Sunset the sunrise, sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, and a sunset on the water, by Rob J. Johnson.52.

Sunset a full moon, sunset high over California, California by Michael J. Brown, John A. Stokoe, and Matthew P. G. Dufour.53.

Sunset up close, sunset view, and sunset, Sunset sunrise over an ocean, from John W. Mazzola.54.

Sunset captured on a tripod, sunset

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