Romney: We’ll have the economy growing, unemployment low, the government spending and borrowing will be lower by the end of the year

On the eve of the next election, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is warning that he will not be able to “get anything done” because of a lack of political will.

Mr Romney has been dogged by a series of recent economic policy changes, including the introduction of the death penalty for drug offenders and an increased tax on investment income to fund a $500 billion infrastructure plan.

Mr Obama has promised to bring jobs back to the US by the middle of this year, and is leading a massive $1 trillion stimulus package to tackle the country’s economic challenges.

But the former Massachusetts governor is struggling to make headway in the face of an economic crisis and an economic recovery that has been slow.

A number of polls have shown that the presidential race is narrowing, and Mr Romney has the support of a number of swing voters in key states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.

But Mr Romney is also losing support from voters who say he is not serious about solving America’s problems.

The new economic poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, conducted from December 12 to 15, shows that the Republican nominee is trailing the Democratic incumbent by about 5 percentage points.

In the poll, Mr Romney’s support was only 41 per cent to 47 per cent.

“Romney is on the cusp of the kind of political reality that makes it very difficult to run for the presidency in the first place,” said Paul Ashworth, senior political adviser to the Kaiser Foundation.

He said the polls are the first that have looked at how the presidential campaign has changed since the mid-summer, when Mr Obama took office.

The poll found that Mr Romney was viewed as more trustworthy by Americans than Mr Obama, who was viewed unfavourably by 43 per cent of those surveyed.

Mr Romney is currently leading by 7 percentage points in national polls, according to RealClearPolitics.

There are still about 11 months until the presidential election, and polling is typically done between the election of the candidate and the end-of-year vote, in early December.

Mr Ashworth said that the polling shows the candidates have “had a lot of time to work on things”.

“But they have not made any big changes,” he said.

“And they are now in a very, very bad position.”

If they had, they could have been ahead by now.

“It is not surprising that voters are not happy with Romney, but he is in a pretty bad position, he is struggling with the issues, and they are not willing to vote for him.”

The next four months will determine whether or not we are going to have the president or not.


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