How to fix 4×3 post caps issue in Google News

A recent thread in Google’s India community forums revealed that users in the country had experienced a severe problem with post caps.

The forum’s members had been reporting similar issues with the posts that appeared in the search engine’s search results, which was a big disappointment to Google.

According to Google, the issue is caused by a bug in Google Maps, which is a feature that allows users to create maps with a map view of their local area.

The bug causes Google Maps to crash when users attempt to navigate to a location within that area, resulting in a post-cap cap that blocks the entire map.

Google has confirmed that the problem was fixed for users.

In a blog post, Google India’s vice president of product marketing, Anand Kumar, explained that the issue can be resolved by disabling the Map Viewing feature in Google Settings, which can be found in the bottom left of the Google search bar.

Kumar also confirmed that Google’s Map Viewer software will be available for the first time on Google Maps for India users, so that they can be able to navigate through Google Maps without the post-capped content blocking their view.

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