How to play the local post office crossword

Post-pandemic, post-mercy, post office: these are some of the buzzwords used to describe the city’s post offices in a post-disaster scenario.

They’re just words to describe what’s happened to the community since the post office was destroyed by the pandemic, and what’s coming to happen in the weeks and months to come.

“The people of the community have been devastated by the loss of the Post Office, but the post-pandan crisis has had the unintended consequence of creating an environment in which it is impossible to restore the post offices to normal operation,” wrote Anne Bamber, chief executive of the Commonwealth Post Office Trust.

The Commonwealth Post Offices Trust has been running post offices for more than 100 years, and it’s been running them for about five decades.

Its aim is to help local people to keep their post offices open, and the government of Victoria has given it the power to shut them down if it decides that they don’t provide the public with adequate service.

“The community has been left with no choice but to rely on the government’s discretion to close the post services if there is a risk to the public’s health,” Ms Bamber wrote.

This has been a long-running debate within the post Office Trust, with its board of directors, including former Prime Minister John Howard, calling for it to stay open.

Post Office closures are normally a result of “excessive or unacceptable workloads”, but the Post Offences Trust is also concerned about the possibility of some people becoming too reliant on their post office to meet their everyday needs.

Many of the posts were put up by the PostOffices Trust in its early days, and there were only about 10,000 post offices left in the city when the pandemics struck.

“The people who used to manage the post shops and post offices at the time are now left with very few jobs,” Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith said the Commonwealth post offices are in the process of “extending their lifeline” to provide the services they did when the post buildings were operational.

“They’ve got a plan, a way of managing the post system, and they’ve got staff that can do that.”

The post office’s closure came about as the Victorian government was negotiating the state’s response to the pandemaker, with the government saying it would offer a $3.2 billion lifeline to the Victorian economy in exchange for the state retaining control over the post and post office services.

A spokesperson for the Commonwealth government said it was “confident” the post was safe, and that it was working with the PostOffice Trust to develop a new system to manage and run post offices.

But with many of the postboxes closed, there’s been a feeling of despair among residents.

“[The Commonwealth government] hasn’t been doing anything to help the community,” said Sarah Karp, who runs a local café.

She said the government hasn’t provided any financial assistance to help people get back to work.

With the Commonwealth and the Victorian Government working towards a new state government, the Post offices are set to close for good on December 18.

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