Post Malone to lead Sydney Opera House’s new Opera House

News Corp Australia is hoping to open Sydney Opera Houses new OperaHouse in Sydney in 2018, with the announcement being made on the front page of the company’s digital magazine.

The publication reported that Post Malone will lead the new Operahouse with the new theme, which will be known as The Rockstar.

The theme will feature the iconic rockstar persona and will be composed by Australian singer/songwriter The Rock.

The Rock will be accompanied by an orchestra and choreography by the Sydney Opera Company, who will provide sound effects and other effects.

The new theme is expected to open in the summer of 2018.

News Corp Australian was last night expected to reveal the name of the new opera house and the theme.

It was reported earlier in May that Post was in talks with Sydney Opera, who were considering the option of a new Opera house.

In addition to the new rockstar theme, the Opera House will be home to some of Sydney’s most notable musicians, including James Cameron, who is also expected to join the OperaHouse.

The Rockstar will also feature in the Opera house’s new theme.

News Corporation Australia has previously reported that The Rock star will play a role in The Rock and that the new Rockstar theme will include themes from the original movie and the music video for ‘I Feel Fine’ by The Weeknd.

“The Rock star is a role he will never forget,” Post said.

“He will forever be associated with his work and his career and it is a fitting tribute for The Rock’s life.”

The Opera House is expected open in 2018 and will have a capacity of about 3,000.

It will be located in the heart of Sydney at the Sydney Theatre, just off Princes Street.

More to come.

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