‘Happy’ graduation poster concept by a Washington DC art collective inspired by the military

A poster concept for a graduation ceremony in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has drawn the ire of some alumni.

The poster was created by the DC Art & Design Collective, which is part of the National Capital Area Art Coalition.

The group designed a “happy graduation” poster in honor of graduation week.

It shows a group of students, a military band and the logo of the DCAAC, a nonprofit arts group that helps raise funds for veterans.

“We wanted to honor our heroes by making a poster that reflected our collective experience, and to create a sense of unity and unity in this diverse country,” co-founder and chief executive officer Rebecca Binder told The Washington Post.

“It’s a reflection of the strength of the Washington, D.C. arts community.”

The posters will be displayed throughout the Capitol Hill area during graduation week on Aug. 10.

The DCAEC is part-funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The organization also works with students, alumni and others to build community-based art projects.

The Washington-based group is also a part of a growing movement in D.D.C., which has become more progressive in its representation of women in art and culture.

In 2015, the DC Women’s Collective, a women-led group of art and design professionals, announced it was organizing a program to help women artists and creatives build and run their own businesses.

Binder said the group also wanted to create something for students, not a graduation party.

“I wanted to make sure we didn’t do it in a way that seemed like it was geared towards young people, or people of color, or anyone else who might feel they might be less comfortable in a crowded space,” she said.

“The posters reflect that diversity and the way that we think about our community.

It’s a safe space for everyone.”

The poster is part an exhibit on how the art community has changed in recent years, and how it can be used to raise awareness about veterans issues.

“There is a lot of talk these days about how the arts are in decline,” Binder explained.

“But I think it’s really important to remember that there is a strong art community here, and that there are many wonderful, diverse, talented artists and designers who have chosen to take a different path.”

The group hopes to continue working with DCADC on a larger program of events throughout the year.

The posters are available for purchase online, and are available to view at the DC Arts & Design Center and the Capitol Grounds.

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