Why Pennsylvania will get its own lottery: How it will work

Pennsylvania will have its own version of the Pennsylvania Lottery, a statewide lottery with a cap of $10 million for the first time in history. 

The Pennsylvania Lotteries website says the new lottery will “allow millions of people in the state to compete in a national, state-wide and state-championed lottery, which is one of the best ways to help communities recover from disasters and strengthen their economies.”

It’s a major step for the state, which has struggled to rebuild following the devastating flooding that hit the region in April. 

State officials say the lottery will allow the state’s residents to play, but not compete, for a $10-million prize. 

“This lottery will create jobs and improve Pennsylvania’s economy by increasing economic growth, revitalizing our communities and helping the Commonwealth recover from the devastating floods,” Governor Tom Wolf said in a statement. 

Governor Tom Wolf has pledged $3.4 billion for Pennsylvania in his state budget.

Pennsylvania has also created an emergency relief fund, known as the “Flood Relief Fund,” which will provide cash to low-income residents affected by the flooding and help businesses recover from damaged businesses. 

It will provide $10 billion for rebuilding businesses and rebuild homes and properties, as well as provide $1 billion to fund infrastructure improvements. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom C. Corbett has pledged more than $4 billion in additional aid for Pennsylvania.

The state lottery is a state-run lottery, and is run by the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission. 

Its website says it will create a state lottery with an open-to-the-public cap of about $10,000, which will be divided between the two state lottery states. 

In addition, the state lottery will have an initial limit of $3 million. 

This will allow people who live in the two lottery states to compete for the prize.

The state will also use a lottery distribution system, which allows the state of Pennsylvania to distribute the prize to each of the two states.

The first lottery will be held in April, with the second lottery to be held March 1. 

More than 200,000 people are currently enrolled in the Pennsylvania lottery.

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