How Trump ‘laid out’ a path to UN backing for Palestine

A day after President Donald Trump announced that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the president has laid out a path for the U.N. Security Council to approve the declaration.

“He’s laid out an approach that has an international legitimacy, an international moral basis,” Haley told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.”

“I think it’s important for the world to hear from the president, because it’s a very important decision, because he has laid the foundation for a very significant move on the issue of Palestine, and I think he should be commended for doing that.”

Haley, who has made the announcement during her annual State of the UN address, also said that Trump has made it clear that Jerusalem is a U.NS. charter member country, meaning the U:s position should be recognized.

The Palestinians want the status of Jerusalem, which they claim for their future capital, to be recognized as part of the 1967 borders.

The White House has argued that the U., as the only permanent member of the U.-N Security Council, cannot unilaterally change the status quo.

Haley told Amanpour that Trump “has laid out in very clear terms a path that would put us on a path of support” for the resolution, which is expected to be approved by the Security Council in May.

The resolution will be considered by the U-N General Assembly in June.

Trump, who campaigned on a promise to move the U, to Jerusalem, during the presidential campaign, said he would recognize the city as the capital of Israel, but only if Israel and the Palestinians agreed to the move.

The U.K., France, and Russia have also voiced their opposition to the resolution.

“The resolution is not in the best interest of the Palestinian people,” Haley said.

“It would be irresponsible for the United Kingdom to veto this resolution.

We’re not asking them to give us anything, we’re not demanding anything.

We just want to know how they’re going to act in their own countries and their own people.”

Haley added that the resolution would have no effect on the status and future status of Palestinian territories occupied in the 1967 war, adding that “there is no question that we have to recognize the status, the borders and the boundaries of Jerusalem.”

Trump has also proposed moving the U to a U-aligned Palestinian state.

The president has proposed moving U.s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and has proposed creating an international commission to study a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Haley has said she will not push for a U.-aligned Palestinian solution and instead supports a two state solution.

She said she believes the UPA government in Tel Aviv would be in a position to lead a two party-state, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Haley said Trump’s recent comments about the Palestinians and Jerusalem are “not consistent with the way that the international community looks at the Palestinians.”

The U-S.

President has called for a “final status” agreement to settle the conflict and said the current status quo is unacceptable, but he has not proposed any final status agreement.

“President Trump is not a politician, and he has a vision of a different world, but the way he has articulated his vision of the world in a way that’s consistent with how the international and international institutions look at the situation, is inconsistent with how they view the status-quo status quo in Israel and Palestine,” Haley added.

Trump has not made any specific announcement on his plans to move U. s embassy to Jerusalem since he took office.

He is currently considering relocating the U .s embassy to Tel Aviv, which has been home to the U of A and the UConn football team for decades.

Haley noted that Trump’s “tweet about the Palestinian issue” did not refer to Jerusalem.

“I can tell you that President Trump has been clear that he will not seek a status-based solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict,” she said.

Trump’s comments on Jerusalem were made during a visit to the Vatican on Sunday.

The pontiff asked Trump about the possibility of moving the embassy, but Trump refused to commit to it.

“What he said, he said it’s not on his agenda,” Haley responded.

“And I don’t think that’s on his mind.”

“If he wants to talk about the pope, he should talk about that, he’s going to talk to him about that,” she added.

“You know, he has his own agenda, and that’s the way it is.

We have to respect the pope.”

The pope told Trump to stop making “taunts and insults” and to be more serious about his intentions to move to Jerusalem for peace.

“Don’t make this a political issue,” the pontiff told Trump.

“This is not about Jerusalem

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