How to make an awesome Instagram photo that’s not too creepy

Posted May 15, 2018 10:08am PDT The social network is rolling out a new feature that lets users post photos that are just too creepy.

The new feature, called the “Ghost Photo” and released today, is aimed at Instagrammers who post photos from inside an abandoned house or building that’s been vacant for a long time.

Users can also upload a picture of their cat or dog that is either too close to a dead animal or too far away.

Instagram has since added a new section on its home page where users can upload their Ghost Photos.

Users have to provide the following details: name, age, location, and caption.

Ghost photos can be submitted to the new Ghost Photo section.

The photo can also be tagged with a hashtag.

Instagram users can also use the hashtag #ghostphotos to tag their own ghost photos.

Ghost Photos can also have their location, caption, and tags added to the posts.

For example, a ghost photo that was taken inside a vacant house can be tagged as “inside the house.”

Instagram has also announced that users can tag photos of people’s dogs and cats that they’ve met on Instagram, using the hashtag “meet my dog.”

Instagram said the feature will be available to everyone in the next few weeks.

In addition to the Ghost Photo feature, Instagram users are also able to add their own captions to their posts.

“This is where the fun really begins,” Instagram cofounder Joe Sullivan wrote in a blog post.

“We’re creating a new Instagram experience that’s uniquely yours.”

Users can now tag their Ghost Photo posts with hashtags like #ghostphoto, #ghosttotems, #myghosttoupee, #totemcat, and #mydog.

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