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How to Protect Your Children From Online Sexism

In the past week, we have seen a spate of high-profile examples of white women who’ve been attacked on social media, with the most recent being a woman who was attacked for wearing a t-shirt with the word “feminist” printed on it, and the most horrific, of all, a woman from Virginia who was accused of making “offensive” comments about her “lifestyle.”

But as much as we want to think that women’s rights are on the upswing, it’s hard to ignore the troubling trend of white supremacy and sexism in the tech industry.

“It’s really frustrating,” said Laura Pomeroy, founder of the Women in Tech project and author of the forthcoming book The Power of Women: How to Build a Better World for Women and Girls.

“When you have a white woman who’s running for office, that’s when it gets really scary.

The tech industry is a male-dominated space.

Pomeroya said she found the harassment of women in the STEM space “really troubling.” “

The whole thing is that they’re making the assumptions that they know more about women than people of color, and that white people are better at STEM, and so on.”

Pomeroya said she found the harassment of women in the STEM space “really troubling.”

In February, the tech community rallied behind a white engineer named Natasha McKenna, who had been falsely accused of sexual harassment.

McKenna was a co-founder of Women in Technology at Google, and has been one of the most prominent women in tech ever since.

She also founded a startup called the Internet Archive, which helps tech companies archive their data, and is also a prominent figure in the women’s group #MeToo.

But McKenna didn’t start her career as a tech executive, and her company is now embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

In her book, McKenna detailed a series of interactions with a male tech employee, in which he asked her out on a date, groped her and touched her breasts while she was sleeping.

When she refused to give him her number, he told her to “get a life,” and left her voicemail.

The harassment allegations against McKenna followed her decision to resign from Google in June.

But as far as Pomeroys book is concerned, it has been a year since McKenna’s story, and there is still no concrete action being taken.

Pomerow explained that while women of color in tech “are underrepresented in the workforce” and “the technology industry has a very white, male culture, the industry still has a lot of privilege.”

Pomero said she sees the tech world as “a safe space for white men” to be successful.

But that’s not always the case.

“You have to understand that technology companies have a lot more power than women in a lot less ways,” Pomeray said.

“Women are underrepresented on a lot [of the tech companies], and when they are there, they’re treated differently than men.

Women are more likely than men to be discriminated against.

And when they do get discriminated against, the backlash is much, much worse than it was when they were discriminated against as a woman.”

One of the reasons the tech and media industries aren’t doing more to combat sexism is because they “don’t really believe in women’s empowerment,” Pomeroy said.

Pomeros book, which has garnered a lot press, examines the ways in which tech companies treat women, including a number of high profile cases of sexual misconduct, but her focus on the tech bubble is particularly relevant.

Pomeers work focuses on the intersectionality of gender and race, and examines how the tech sector functions as a “gendered, white, cisgender male space.”

Pomeering is not a white person herself, but she sees it as her job to highlight and educate women on the realities of how sexism affects the women and people of colour in tech.

Pominoy has a different perspective on the topic.

“I feel like it’s really important to understand the ways that white women are not empowered, and why they’re underrepresented,” Pominoys book said.

She said it’s a “pretty easy problem” to solve because “they’ve already been marginalized in the workplace.”

“I don’t think [tech] is the perfect place to be an empowered white woman,” she added.

“If you have someone of color on the team, you can be a white female, and you don’t have to deal with a lot,” she said.

While Pomeroes book is a powerful and important look into the industry’s systemic oppression, it also has a number critical lessons for women of colour who may not be in the industry.

The most immediate lesson is that tech has historically been a safe space to be white, Pomero said.

But Pomeros book doesn’t just address how tech works as a place where women can get to work and be successful; it also takes a look at how tech can work

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