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How to make an Interactive Facebook Post: How to share your condolences with friends and family

Posted October 11, 2018 07:12:11 A memorial service for Michael Jordan is scheduled for Friday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m. at The Memorial Auditorium, 1006 E. Broadway, Chicago. 

“Michael Jordan, one of the greatest players of all time, is a legend in our community and we have lost a legend,” the statement reads.

“On behalf of the entire Bulls organization, I want to extend our deepest condolences to the Jordan family, friends, fans, and the entire Chicago Bulls organization.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jordan Family, friends and teammates during this difficult time,” the release continues.

“Michael was a true professional who represented our city at the highest levels of basketball.

We miss him dearly and will miss him for the rest of our lives.”

Jordan, who was born on March 5, 1987 in Atlanta, was the second-leading scorer in NBA history behind Kobe Bryant.

The Bulls won seven NBA titles in eight seasons with Jordan.

Jordan, 36, was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

His induction will be the second time in the past year that Chicago Bulls players have been inducted.

Former Bulls star and current ABC analyst Shaquille O’Neal will be inducted on Saturday.

Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Kobe Bryant will be enshrined on Sunday.

Former Chicago Bulls forward Michael Jordan (left) poses for a portrait during a news conference in Chicago, Illinois, United States on Wednesday, October 12, 2018.

Jordan has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

He was the No. 2 overall pick in the 1999 NBA Draft and played for the Bulls from 1999-2003.

He played one season with the Sacramento Kings in 2006-07 before signing with the Lakers.

Jordan retired as a member of the Chicago Bulls in 2010.

He signed a two-year contract extension with the NBA in 2011.

Jordan was inducting his former teammate Shaquill Thompson and former Lakers teammate Magic Johnson into the Hall of Honor on Wednesday.

The Bulls announced that Jordan will receive the award on Friday.

How to get more followers on Facebook

Posted by IGN on July 28, 2019 08:20:02 With Facebook, everyone can see what other people are sharing, how often they share, and how often people leave comments.

This data is important for businesses and marketers.

However, it can also be a real pain to get a lot of users, since Facebook doesn’t allow people to post in the same thread in which they post.

We’re going to use an example to show you how to make it easier to get those more followers.

Facebook will only allow you to post one thing per person per day.

So, for example, if you have a list of posts that you want to share, you could start with the most recent post in that thread and work your way down.

You could then add more posts, and keep adding new posts until you have all of the posts in your list.

Then you can add the “share” link and start posting as many times as you like.

That’s it!

You can share as many posts as you want.

There are some limitations, however.

First, Facebook allows people to create multiple accounts and you can only have one.

Second, you can’t create multiple posts at once.

Third, if your list of post posts is too long, it may get deleted.

So you can see that this method may not be ideal for some users.

However if you’ve got a list with a lot posts, it’s probably worth trying it out.

The “share link” method lets you post as many links as you can in a single thread, and you could use that to get as many users as you need.

To use it, you’ll have to set up two accounts.

On your main Facebook account, you must create a new Facebook account.

On another account, on the same Facebook page, you will create an avatar for yourself.

If you’re on Facebook on a mobile device, you should also create an account for yourself and create an icon for your avatar.

If the person you want followers for has one, you simply have to create an “Add New Friend” button on the “People” page of the profile that’s being shared.

Now, you’ve created a Facebook account on one account, and now you’re going back to the “Friends” page and selecting “Add Friend” from the “Add Friends” drop-down menu.

On the “friends” page, there will be a new avatar for your friend and you’ll see a list, like this: This is your avatar, if there are any friends with the same name.

The other side of the “friend” button is a “Share” link.

If your friend has one or more of the following: A Facebook account with more than 500 followers

Why the Redskins will be better off without RGIII in 2018

The Washington Redskins are still searching for the perfect quarterback to lead them to the postseason.

But with Robert Griffin III out indefinitely with a torn ACL and DeSean Jackson sidelined indefinitely with knee and ankle injuries, they may be on the brink of finding one.

And if it turns out that Kirk Cousins, who’s been the team’s quarterback since he joined the franchise in 2016, can’t take the reins, that could mean the end of a quarterback era that started with Robert Alford in 1979.

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Redskins were in talks with former Rams quarterback Jeff Fisher about returning to Washington.

But the team has since denied those reports.

And now it appears the team might be in the process of trying to lure Cousins to the Washington area to fill out their 2017 draft class.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the team is trying to find a replacement for Cousins who would be able to handle the pressure of playing under RGIII.

That would make the team the first NFL team in a generation to go through a QB search and then hire one who’s under contract for at least two seasons, according to ESPN’s Mike Mayock.

The situation is similar to what happened last season, when the New York Giants had a QB in Matt Cassel that they signed for two years.

The Giants were then able to add veteran Matt Flynn to play in a new offense that included a new QB and new coach, Matt Patricia.

The Redskins, though, have the ability to add a new quarterback before the season even starts, which would allow them to be more aggressive with their rebuilding effort.

The team could also make it clear that it’s looking to bring back one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL in the offseason.

It would be interesting to see how the Redskins would do that.

It’s possible that the team would keep the No. 1 overall pick and try to add another QB to the mix.

But it’s also possible that it would make an exception for Cassel and make a decision to try to re-sign Flynn.

Or maybe the team could wait to try again with Cousins if he’s not available.

But they would have to wait a year or two, after he’s officially signed, to be sure that Cousins can still help them win in 2018.

Cousins is one of two players that could be available.

The other is veteran Matt Cassels.

And while Cousins is under contract through 2020, he would be an unrestricted free agent after that.

The Washington Redskins will look to add more depth to the roster this offseason with the signing of defensive tackle Trent Murphy, safety Robert Alston and cornerback Ryan Anderson.

But there’s a real chance that the franchise could lose both Cousins and Alston to free agency, which could leave them with only two quarterbacks, according the ESPN draft projection.

With Cousins out indefinitely, the Redskins could be on a short list of teams who could be in need of a new starting quarterback.

‘I was shocked’: Man arrested for using fake passport to travel to India

Man arrested in India for using his fake passport for an extended stay in India has been arrested in France.

Manu Kumar Sharma, a 29-year-old Indian, was arrested in the town of Thangur, near Paris, on Tuesday.

He had travelled to France on January 29 for a four-day visit.

Sharma was arrested when his passport was scanned at the airport in Paris and his photograph was found in his bag, which was seized from him.

He was released on bail on Tuesday after being given a medical examination and has been remanded in custody.

He is accused of violating the Paris travel ban by using a fake passport in the months between January 29 and May 11, according to France’s anti-terrorism squad, known as DGSE.

He was charged with a terrorism offence.

The DGSE is responsible for investigating terrorism cases, and Sharma was arrested after the investigation was completed.

He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

In October, Sharma was jailed for more than three years in a French court after he was caught using a false passport in India.

He had previously admitted that he used the fake passport on a number of occasions and paid fines to the French authorities.