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Which Japanese post is the poster board for?

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Melrose Trading Post to close due to a hole diggers story

Melrose trading Post Office Number 990 is closing.

It is the fourth trading post to close in recent years, with the first closing on April 29, 2015.

The company said it would be reopening the trading post.

The Post Office is a branch of the Post Office and will be closed.

This is the third time a trading post has closed in the past year.

It has been in the area since October 2015.

In April 2017, a company that was using the building was fined $2,000 after a hole-digger was found digging a hole at the post office.

The hole was located at the Post office at 456 Avenue S.E. The owner of the company was charged with theft of government property and breach of contract.

The report said the hole was discovered while the building is occupied by the City of Calgary, but the city later dropped the charge.

The City of Edmonton recently closed a trading Post office because of holes in the building.

It said in its notice of closure that the city has been unable to secure any more funding for the Postoffice.

It did not say when the city would reopen.

A spokesperson for the city said the building, which is owned by the city, is under construction and there are no plans to reopen the trading Post.

The Calgary Herald has contacted the City and Post Office to find out if any further funding would be needed to reopen.

With files from Kevin MacLeod