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How Facebook posts are tracked: How the lottery works

India has launched a new online lottery where you can win up to $1,000 for every post on Facebook.

Facebook has set up a Facebook Post-Lotto contest and Facebook users can participate.

The contest is open to users of Facebook in India and has a limit of two entries per user per day.

Facebook says its post-lotto features are designed to attract new users to the platform and make it easier to share your stories and photos on the platform.

Facebook says the post-lottery is the first of its kind to target the Indian population and is expected to reach over 100 million Indians by March 2019.

It says it will also roll out a mobile-only version of the contest later this year.

According to Facebook, the Post-Lottery is a new way for Indians to win money in the social network.

In addition to Facebook’s contest, Facebook has also launched its own post-Lottery for the first time.

The Facebook Post lottery will feature a Facebook-branded lottery ticket.

Facebook is targeting a limited audience, Facebook said, with its new contest aimed at attracting young people who want to win Facebook points for liking and sharing a post on social media.