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What’s next for the New York Post?

The New York Times is moving to a new print-oriented approach to news coverage, but the paper is not the only one trying to adapt.

The Boston Globe is also moving in that direction.

And the Washington Post, which has been in print for more than three decades, is also trying to rethink how it covers its content, including with digital technology.

The new strategies are among the topics covered in the upcoming issue of The Sport Post, an online magazine published by The New England Sports Writers Association, or NESWA.

The issue will be the magazine’s first print-only issue, with the full issues slated to be published by April 2019.

The journal will be launched on April 1 with the launch of the NESWA website.

The magazine will also include an online version of its newsletter, a free newsletter with a range of topics and articles and exclusive content, and a weekly digital newsletter, with exclusive content on the news, entertainment and sports.

The publication will be available through the NESSA’s website, the NESWeb, and the NESPA’s website.

As part of the move, the magazine will be relaunched as The New Orleans Times-Picayune, which will feature an exclusive story on the NBA, the NFL and the NCAA.

The NESWA says it plans to expand its coverage beyond the sports, which is why it is revamping its sports section and adding a sports section to its online magazine, with full digital editions to follow.

“We are making it our mission to bring our sports content to a whole new audience,” NESWA president Robert J. Jankowski said in a statement.

“That will include our most trusted sports media outlets, including The New Jersey Times, The Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe, and our more than 700 local publications, as well as our digital content, which includes over a million tweets per day.”

NESWA President Robert Jankowski and editor-in-chief J.J. Schoenfeld.

(The Sports Post) NESWA said the magazine is changing how it plans and delivers its sports content, with “a more holistic approach to content that reflects our changing landscape.”

The NESPA said the goal is to create a more “open, fair, and informative” digital environment that provides “real-time insights and coverage.”

“We hope our changes will enhance the quality of coverage and serve as a template for other media organizations to follow,” NESPA executive director Peter R. O’Neill said in the statement.

For more on the sports media, visit sports.theamericasprinceton.edu.

For a look at how the new sports media landscape is shaping up, check out this story in the Wall Street Journal.

Follow Sports Editor Paul Lukasz on Twitter: @PaulLukesz.

The Sports Post is a daily roundup of sports news and commentary from around the web.

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