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‘Freaky Post’ poster turns to self-help: ‘I’m just an ordinary person’

Malone’s first post apocalyptic poster, posted last November, drew hundreds of thousands of views, and now he’s on a mission to change the world.

Malone says he hopes to one day make money by selling his paintings on his website, or through his own website, Freaky Post.

The poster is the face of his post apocalyptic work.

Malones has a wife and two children, but he says he doesn’t plan to quit the art form any time soon.

“I’m not a professional artist,” he says.

“I’m an ordinary man who just wants to share his thoughts and his vision.”

“It’s the most fun I’ve had painting for years.”

Freaky post apocalypse: a look at the world of post apocalyptic artThe poster has inspired Malones to write a book called Freaky post apocalyptic: a history of post apocalypse art.

Malons work has inspired the work of a handful of other artists.

One of the most famous works of post-apocalyptic art is by American painter Richard Serra.

In the 1930s, Serra painted the landscape of San Francisco and other cities in the Pacific Northwest, using watercolors and brushes.

He called it a “post apocalyptic world”.

Malones says Serra’s work is also popular in India, where his art was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Maloni says Serras work was popular even before the pandemic hit, but in the aftermath, he’s been inundated with requests to paint his works.

He says Serral’s work resonates with people in India who were born in the post-nuclear era.

“They want to have a look back at their lives,” Maloni says.

“It gives them a sense of hope and hope for the future.”

He says the posters are a way to show that this isn’t over.

“There’s still hope, there’s still energy, there is still hope,” he said.

“It’s just a lot of pain and pain that’s being lost.”

Maloni is now trying to find a way for the posters to reach the Indian market, and hopes to do it through his website FreakyPost.blogspot.com.

“We are looking at India to market it in India,” he adds.

He hopes his work will give people hope and inspiration, and inspire people to think differently about the world around them.

“People should be optimistic about the future,” he told The Times.

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