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Chinese post girl posts photos of her boyfriend in ‘huff’

A post-bust Chinese girl has posted photos of herself with her boyfriend on Instagram and other social media sites.

The photos show a blonde-haired girl with long blonde hair, dressed up as a Chinese model.

The posts have been shared more than 100,000 times and are garnering criticism online.

In one, the girl appears to be wearing a black bikini and red-and-white sneakers with a red belt.

The other photos show the girl dressed up like a blonde woman and a white man.

The girl’s father, who requested anonymity to protect his daughter, said the photos were meant to show the love she feels for her boyfriend, who he described as a good person.

The father, surnamed Zhang, said his daughter has been going through a tough time in her life since she turned 16.

“She’s getting married, she’s getting divorced, and her boyfriend has become a burden to her,” Zhang told The Associated Press in an interview on Monday.

“When he has an affair, he can’t control her.

She has to accept that she has to deal with him, and she’s going through that difficult time.”

Zhang, who also lives in the southwestern city of Chengdu, said he and his daughter had met on social media a few months ago.

“He was a very nice person and he was very good at social media,” Zhang said.

“We’re friends on the Internet.

She’s very polite and loves to talk about her work and her life.”

The photos are part of a growing trend in China of women posting photos of themselves and their partners on the internet.

The practice, known as “glamming,” is increasingly prevalent in China, where the government is tightening up its rules for internet freedoms.

The rules have been criticized for limiting free speech and putting pressure on parents to educate their daughters about their role in the workplace and online.

Authorities in China have cracked down on social networking sites in the past, including those used by state-run media, and internet users have been told not to post explicit pictures of themselves online.

But Zhang said his girlfriend has not been harassed by police.

She said her boyfriend had a few friends who were on the run from authorities and was planning to take them to the United States.

“They said they wanted to kill him, but I told them I wouldn’t do that,” Zhang recalled.

Zhang said he contacted the authorities after his daughter began to post the photos.

The police told him she was a public nuisance, but Zhang said she was just trying to make people happy.

“I didn’t think that they’d arrest me,” Zhang explained.

“But now I have no choice but to give up on them.”

The Lotto posts girlfriend’s post to show she loves him

A post on the New York Lotto post office’s Facebook page shows that the post is being shared by a girlfriend of one of the three New York Lottery postmasters who posted it, and is now dating him.

“Hi my name is ____ and I am an adult female,” the post reads.

“I am the postmaster of the New New York Times Lottery.”

The post was shared by Lindsay Malone, a 26-year-old New York City resident who posted a picture of herself on Facebook in April with the caption, “It’s time for a change.

I love you and my post will be your new #lotto number.”

She has since moved on with her life, but the post was still shared on Wednesday by her friend, who is a 31-year old New York resident and works for the New Jersey Lottery.

“Hey Lindsay, what’s going on here?,” Malone’s friend wrote in an email.

“Is this what you wanted?

I just want you to know I am really happy.

I’m glad you found a guy.”

A spokeswoman for the Lotto told The Globe and Mail that the posting is not a problem and that she has no plans to return to the post office.

“This is an unfortunate incident and we are looking into the matter,” the spokeswoman said in an e-mail.

She said the post has been removed.

The Post Office said in a statement to The Globe that the photo on the post doesn’t appear to be the one posted by Malone.

“We cannot comment on individual customers,” the statement said.

“But we are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming workplace where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.”

The New York Post is not the only New York post office to post pictures of a woman in her 20s.

The state’s lottery has also posted pictures of female winners with names such as Amy, Ashley and Annabelle, and the agency that runs the New Orleans post office told The New Yorker that its employees were told to be “vigilant” about any post of that nature.

The New Jersey lottery posted a photo of a female winner, in her mid-30s, who had a picture posted of her on its Facebook page with the words, “Love me or I will be dead.”

The caption read, “Happy birthday to you.”

The Associated Press reported in February that the New Mexico lottery posted photos of female winning numbers.

The photos show women wearing short skirts, holding a glass of wine or eating cookies and a glass.