The Clark County Sheriff’s Office says it has fired a sheriff’s deputy after he allegedly posted on Facebook that “a white man has raped me” and then killed a young black woman in the parking lot of his business.

Deputy Joseph Riggs, 40, of Las Vegas, is on paid administrative leave while the Clark County Commission decides what to do about him.

The sheriff’s office said in a news release Thursday that it was not aware of the Facebook post until Monday, when it was shared on the sheriff’s Facebook page.

Clark County Sheriff Wayne Williams said the sheriff has been briefed about the incident.

The Sheriff’s Department is in charge of the investigation and the Sheriff’s office is cooperating fully with the commission, he said.

How to watch kenyan cricket – The latest cricket updates

New Zealanders will get a chance to watch Kenya’s latest Twenty20 match on Wednesday.

The West Indies-Kenyan match was held on Friday after a two-day break in the West Indies Cricket Association (WICA) Cup, with both teams set to take on Bangladesh in the third round.

However, the game will now be played from a different venue in Kenya, with the team from the United Arab Emirates playing in the final.

It will be the second time in the last three years that Kenya have hosted the tournament, with last year’s winner, Kenya, losing to Bangladesh by an innings and 9 runs in Kolkata.

Kenya won the first edition of the tournament in 2011 and it was held in Kandy for the first time in 2016.

Kenyan cricketers in action during the final of the Kandy Cricket League match between Kenya and Bangladesh.

More headlines from Kenya:Kenya’s new cricketer: “It’s a huge honor”Kenyan player: “I’m very happy”Kenya batsman to lead Kenya to victory over Bangladesh in finalThe West Indian side beat Bangladesh by 10 wickets in the second innings, but the hosts eventually prevailed by nine wickets after a stellar opening spell from the home side.

Kenyans batsman Shavinder Pal Singh also hit a century in the game, with India’s Rahul Dravid adding two more in the top order.

It is expected that both sides will make it to the quarter-finals, with West Indies’ batsmen in contention for the title with an improved batting line-up.

However the match is likely to be postponed due to the West Indian team’s involvement in a dispute with a local cricket association.

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‘Trump’s tweets are a reminder of why he was elected’

President Donald Trump’s tweets over the weekend were a reminder that he was a president who cared about the American people, said the editorial board of the New York Post.

In his tweets on Saturday, the president appeared to call for a military coup in Turkey, which the Turkish government vehemently denies.

On Monday, he tweeted a link to a video in which a white supremacist leader said, “I have a message for you, white supremacists, you’re all going to die tomorrow.”

The Post editorial board said it had “never seen a president of his stature make so many offensive tweets.”

“The most egregious example was his use of the term ‘collapse,'” the editorial said.

“Trump did not apologize for the use of this term.

Rather, he used it to suggest the U.S. would fall to a collapsing ‘collapistan’ and, in a moment of anger, he called for violence against the ‘white supremacists’ in the streets.

The editorial board added that the president’s comments on the violence against “white supremacists” should not be taken literally.”

He has no respect for his own presidency, for democracy itself.””

But his behavior today suggests he has little respect for the American democratic process.

He has no respect for his own presidency, for democracy itself.”

In a statement, the Trump administration insisted that Trump was not using “hate speech” and “violent imagery.”

“Our administration is committed to the safety and security of all Americans, and has taken every action necessary to protect the safety of our citizens,” the statement read.

“The president was responding to a call to action from thousands of law enforcement officials across the country who were concerned about the violent rhetoric and imagery that was being shared on social media by individuals around the country.

The president has spoken repeatedly about the need to stop the violence and violence against our people, including against the families and friends of the police officers who were killed.”

In his own words, President Trump made clear that the violence on display in Charlottesville was unacceptable.

We will continue to fight for the safety, security, and well-being of all our citizens.

“The Washington Post also criticized the president for his continued calls for a “collapse” of the U,S.A., the editorial wrote.”

It’s an important reminder that Trump, and his staff, believe the nation is on the verge of collapse,” the Post said.”

Trump’s latest tweets are further evidence that the public will not accept this collapse.

“The New York Times also criticized Trump’s remarks on Saturday and Monday.”

His use of ‘collapsing’ to refer to the nation’s political and economic collapse is deeply irresponsible.””

And the president has never apologized for the violent imagery that has circulated on social news sites.

His use of ‘collapsing’ to refer to the nation’s political and economic collapse is deeply irresponsible.”

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Sierra Trading Post,Salina Post open in 2018

Sierra Trading post opened in 2018 in Salina, Iowa.

Sierra Trading post is a small business opportunity for those in the Salina area. 

In 2018, Sierra Trading was named one of the top 100 small business opportunities in the country by the Small Business Administration of the United States.

 According to the SAI, the Salinas Trading Post opened in September 2018. 

The post, located at 1235 W. 8th St., offers jobs to local citizens in the community. 

Sierra is a family owned and operated business and they have worked hard to build a strong community.

They are looking for a qualified and dedicated staff to support the site’s expansion and continue to grow.

The job posting is currently open.

If you are interested in applying please contact Liz Rupperman at [email protected] 

For more information on Sierra Trading, here’s the company’s website: trading-post-salina-post

Facebook posts are now being read by more than 10 million people

RTE article 2.5k Facebook posts being read every second by 10 million users, according to Facebook article facebook engagement posts are being read at a rate of more than ten million per second on Facebook, a report from analytics firm Fathom predicts. 

Fathom said Facebook was seeing more than 3.5 million posts per second, a significant increase on the previous rate of roughly 1.4 million per minute, with Facebook seeing more posts being shared each second in 2015 than in 2014.

The increase was driven by users who were reading more posts on the platform than before, which has helped it to gain more traction among users.

Facebook’s new platform, which allows users to upload, share and post content, has been gaining traction in the news space.

In September last year, the company said it had more than 70 million posts and 1 billion photos on its platform.

In September last week, Facebook added a new feature called Share the News, which lets users share their news stories and photos. 

With a focus on sharing more content and engaging users, Facebook has also introduced a series of new tools that let users share content on the site, such as Timeline and Story, and to mark their posts as read, which is a way to highlight a post’s significance. 

Facebook said it has more than 5.4 billion posts and 6.5 billion photos to share on its site.

How To Get A Graduation Poster Ideas Poster For Your Graduation

We’ve all heard of the Graduation posters from the movie “The Hangover” or the graduation posters from “The Big Short.”

The problem is that they’re just so boring.

They’re a piece of cardboard and they’re usually a boring poster that’s designed to look like a graduation poster.

Here’s how to make a poster that you’ll actually get.1.

Cut the cardboard and cut out the shapes.

The shapes will be the same size and will look like graduation posters.

This is a good idea because the shapes are easier to cut than the actual graduation posters that you can buy in the mall.2.

Cut out the cardboard.

The cardboard should be a solid rectangle.

The larger the rectangle, the more difficult it is to cut.3.

Cut it into 3-4 sections.

If you have a standard rectangle, you will need to cut it into sections that are about 4 inches wide.

For example, if you have the section for the front of the poster and the other 3-6 sections, cut each section about 1 inch wide.

If each section is about 2 inches wide, cut it about 4-5 inches wide to get a uniform size.4.

Cut each section into 3 pieces.

If the poster you want is a large rectangle, cut the entire poster into one piece.

If it’s a small rectangle, slice the poster into two pieces.5.

Fold each piece into a rectangle.

If all the pieces are folded, they should form the shape of a graduation banner.

The poster can be made up of any number of pieces.

For the first piece, you can simply make a rectangle that is about 1/4 of an inch wide and 1/2 inch tall.

For a second piece, cut a rectangle to be about 1-1/2 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

This will give you a rectangle about 1.25 inches wide x 1 inch tall, and will create a banner about 1 1/16 inches wide by 2 inches high.6.

Cut a poster from the top of the rectangle to create the banner.

Fold the top piece over the bottom piece, and cut the two pieces back together to form a banner.

You will then have a banner that is 1.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide from top to bottom.7.

Cut from the banner to create a graduation card.

This should be about the same width as the original poster.8.

Fold your banner into the poster to create your graduation card piece.

Cut your banner to the exact width of the graduation card, and fold the top portion of the banner over the other side to form the banner and add your name to it.

If you want a graduation logo or your own name, you’ll need to create that too.

If your name is too small, you may have to print out your name, cut out a small picture, and use that.

Otherwise, print out the poster, cut your name out, and then cut out your own logo.9.

Cut and paste your graduation banner onto your graduation cards.

It should look like the poster below.10.

Post your graduation poster on the wall of your room or house and your friends will be jealous!

You just created the perfect graduation poster for your friends and family to enjoy.

Malone Merch: How the New Merch Store From Malone Is Taking Off

Malone, a small New Jersey company, announced a new store, Malone merchandise, in December 2016.

The idea was to sell items that were inspired by Malone’s musical taste and aesthetics.

This is an idea that has resonated with many in the music industry.

It’s a refreshing concept and one that we believe has a huge potential to grow in the future.

For example, the Malone line of clothing and accessories has a strong focus on fashion, and its a lot more interesting to wear a Malone shirt with a Malones logo than a normal shirt.

The Malone brand is one that is well-known in the hip hop and pop world, and it’s an interesting platform for a company that was founded in 2007.

It also allows the Malones to be an outlet for artists to sell their own merchandise.

The store is open now in the US and Europe.

As far as our brand goes, we believe the Malons music is a big part of that.

When we were kids, we listened to a lot of Malones music, so when we heard the music we knew we wanted to make our own.

We also want to make it clear that this is an independent label, so the Malon merch is a lot different than what you would see on other labels.

I believe we’re going to be able to expand our merch line and make more Malones merch, so this is a great opportunity for us.

As a brand, we’re really excited about this.

We’ve always been fans of the Maloney music, and we want to give our fans a little something that they’ll remember forever.

And for them to see our merchandise, they can’t forget that it’s from us.

That’s why we want Malone merch to be the new home of our Malones merchandise.

As of right now, the store is closed.

We will continue to make Malones gear available for purchase through our Malone store.

We are still looking to get in touch with the Malona owners and plan on continuing to work with them and see if we can create a partnership that will give the fans something that is not only more authentic, but will also benefit both of us in the long run.

We have an amazing line-up of merchandise and merch that we can sell, and this is just one more way that we’ll be able do that.

We look forward to sharing more information about our plans for the store in the coming weeks.

We want to thank everyone for your support.

We appreciate the support.

Thank you.

For more information, please visit:

How Facebook posts are tracked: How the lottery works

India has launched a new online lottery where you can win up to $1,000 for every post on Facebook.

Facebook has set up a Facebook Post-Lotto contest and Facebook users can participate.

The contest is open to users of Facebook in India and has a limit of two entries per user per day.

Facebook says its post-lotto features are designed to attract new users to the platform and make it easier to share your stories and photos on the platform.

Facebook says the post-lottery is the first of its kind to target the Indian population and is expected to reach over 100 million Indians by March 2019.

It says it will also roll out a mobile-only version of the contest later this year.

According to Facebook, the Post-Lottery is a new way for Indians to win money in the social network.

In addition to Facebook’s contest, Facebook has also launched its own post-Lottery for the first time.

The Facebook Post lottery will feature a Facebook-branded lottery ticket.

Facebook is targeting a limited audience, Facebook said, with its new contest aimed at attracting young people who want to win Facebook points for liking and sharing a post on social media.

Washington Post says it will pay $250 million to settle federal civil rights lawsuit against city

The Washington Post has settled a federal civil lawsuit against it over its coverage of the fatal police shooting of a black man in Denver, officials said Thursday.

The newspaper had sought $250,000 in damages for defamation.

The settlement includes an acknowledgment that a “significant portion” of the story had been fabricated, said John Ralston, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Robert Capers.

“We acknowledge that some readers may have perceived that our reporting was based on fabricated information,” Ralstone said.

The city and the newspaper agreed to a number of changes to the settlement.

The paper said it would no longer use images of dead men and would stop using a logo depicting a man with a gun, and would change the title of its story from “How Denver Was Defamed” to “How I Was Defame.”

The paper has also said it will not publish any photos of the police officers involved in the incident, and that it will publish the full body camera video of the shooting.

The Denver Post is owned by The Post Company, which is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Co., Disney’s parent company.

The Post has faced intense criticism in recent years for its coverage and coverage of Trump and other Republicans.

It has been accused of not taking enough action against police brutality and racist behavior by its reporters, including the use of photos of dead people and the use by some journalists of the bodies of people who died as a result of police actions.

It also has faced allegations of political bias in covering the presidential election.

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